Vocabulary: June 2

2 Jun

Common-Impression Press
: A flexo or sheetfed or web offset press that has one large-drum impression cylinder, which holds or supports the substrate, and several color stations (plate/blanket cylinder pairs) positioned around it.

Cutoff Length: (1) The distance between corresponding points of repeated images on a web. (2) The circumference of the plate cylinder.


Vocabulary: June 1

1 Jun

Cobwebbing: (1) Fine filaments of ink that appear between the screen fabric and the substrate during screen printing. (2) In gravure, a filmy buildup of dried ink on the doctor blade, the ends of the impression roll, or printing cylinder.

Comber: A press or folder component that fans the sheets to improve separation and feeding accuracy.

Vocabulary: May 21

21 May


Backlap: In screen printing, a very heavy, rough application of color or one side of a print, which is caused by color pulling though the screen behind the squeegee at the beginning of the printing stroke.

Bounce: In lithography, an abnormal reaction to compression, which results in erratic rotational movement of the press cylinders, causing missed or imperfect impressions.

Vocabulary: May 20

20 May

Acid: (1) In lithography, a dampering solution ingredient that enables gum arabic to cling to the nonimage areas of the plate. (2) Perchloride of iron used to etch gravure cylinders. Alternative Term: etchant

Antifoaming Agent: An additive that disperses bubbles that may form in offset dampening solutions or screen printing inks during printing. Antifoaming agents are also added to plate developers and processors.

Vocabulary: May 19

19 May


Tone: The degree of lightness or darkness in any given area of a print. Alternative term: tone value.

Typography: The art and craft of creating and/ or setting type professionally.

Vocabulary: May 18

18 May


Stroke: (1) Any part of a character that can be drawn with one movement. (2) The act of cutting in changes or corrections to the original, standing film or paper.

Tertiary: Those colors obtained by mixing two secondary colors.

Vocabulary: May 17

17 May


Pi Font: A collection of miscellaneous type characters, mathematical symbols, accent marks, and technical symbols that are not part of a normal type font.

Run Down: A proofreading term meaning to break or end a line as noted, forcing the remainder down to the next line.