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Vocabulary: June 15

15 Jun


Oscillator: A driven inking or dampening roller that not only rotates but also moves from side to side, distributing and smoothing out the ink film and erasing image patterns form roller. Alternative Terms: oscillating drums, oscillating roller, or vibrator.

Overpacking: Packing the plate or blanker to a level that is excessively above the level of the cylinder bearer.


Vocabulary: May 21

21 May


Backlap: In screen printing, a very heavy, rough application of color or one side of a print, which is caused by color pulling though the screen behind the squeegee at the beginning of the printing stroke.

Bounce: In lithography, an abnormal reaction to compression, which results in erratic rotational movement of the press cylinders, causing missed or imperfect impressions.

Vocabulary: May 20

20 May

Acid: (1) In lithography, a dampering solution ingredient that enables gum arabic to cling to the nonimage areas of the plate. (2) Perchloride of iron used to etch gravure cylinders. Alternative Term: etchant

Antifoaming Agent: An additive that disperses bubbles that may form in offset dampening solutions or screen printing inks during printing. Antifoaming agents are also added to plate developers and processors.

Vocabulary: May 19

19 May


Tone: The degree of lightness or darkness in any given area of a print. Alternative term: tone value.

Typography: The art and craft of creating and/ or setting type professionally.

Vocabulary: May 18

18 May


Stroke: (1) Any part of a character that can be drawn with one movement. (2) The act of cutting in changes or corrections to the original, standing film or paper.

Tertiary: Those colors obtained by mixing two secondary colors.

Vocabulary: May 17

17 May


Pi Font: A collection of miscellaneous type characters, mathematical symbols, accent marks, and technical symbols that are not part of a normal type font.

Run Down: A proofreading term meaning to break or end a line as noted, forcing the remainder down to the next line.

Vocabulary: May 7

7 May


Original: Any artwork, mechanical, photograph, object, or drawing that is submitted to be reproduced in the photomechanical process.

Panel Printing: A solid block of color, ink,or foil, which is used as a background for other printed or stamped material and sometimes surrounded by a decorative border.