Vocabulary: June 10

10 Jun


Gripper Edge: On a sheetfed press, the leading edge of the paper that rests at the head stops and is grabbed by mechanical fingers known as grippers. The press operator typically marks the gripper edge with an “XXX” before sending the job to the binding and finishing area.

Hickey-Picking Roller: A roller that has synthetic  fibers embedded in its surface, to help it remove hickeys from the surface of an offset printing plate or to fill in the white ring on the plate surface. This roller replaces one of the ink form rollers.

Incline Press: A screen printing press in which the screen maintains a position parallel to the printing bed, but recedes diagonally during the feed/take-off cycle.

Leafing: The phenomena that occurs when metal flakes in metallic inks float to the surface of the ink, giving it a particular luster.


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