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Vocabulary: April 29

29 Apr


Illustration Program: A program used to create object oriented graphics. We use Illustrator CS2 and CS4 in Graphic Arts at Diamond Ranch High School.

Incident Light: Rays of light that travel from a light source to an object.


Vocabulary: April 28

28 Apr


Gutter: (1) A gutter is a standard size gap that separates a design or text area into columns. (2) The inside margin between facing pages, or the margin at the binding edge. Alternative terms: gutter margin; back margin.

Hairline: (1) The secondary stroke of a letter, usually thinner than the stem. (2) The thinnest line that can be reproduced by an output device.

Vocabulary: April 27

27 Apr


Fold Marks: Guides on the pasteup that indicate where a printed piece will be creased.

Greeked Text: Simulated (fake) text used to represent type, e.g., the use of gray bars or “dummy” characters to represent text in a layout so that the design of the document will be emphasized rather than its content.

Vocabulary: April 26

26 Apr


Exposure Setting: The lens opening and shutter speed selected to expose the film.

Fit: (1) A term used to describe the horizontal spacing or relationship between two or more characters. Fit can be altered by kerning or modifying the the horizontal width (set width) assigned to characters. Evaluating fit is generally subjective. (2) In regard to presswork, see image fit.

Vocabulary: April 23

23 Apr


Ear: The small stroke projecting from the top of lowercase, e.g., r, f, or a.

Editorial Changes: Modifications requested by the customer to change a particular color in the reproduction so it is unlike the original or the initial specification.

Vocabulary: April 22

22 Apr


Complementary Colors: Any two opposite (or contrasting) colors that produce white or gray when combined. In printing, complimentary colors neutralize or accentuate each other, diminishing or enhancing the attention value of the print.

Diffusion Disk: Flat glass with a pattern of lines or concentric rings that break up and scatter light from an enlarger lens, softening the detail in a print.

Vocabulary: April 21

21 Apr


Calligraphy: Various styles of elegant handwriting, man based on classic examples from the fourteenth through the eighteenth centuries.

Color Density: The opacity, purity, or brilliance of a color.